The Beginning of Cult of Happy
Cult of Happy

The Beginning of Cult of Happy

Welcome to the first post of Cult of Happy! This is the very first post of this website which explains the initial reasons why this website was started and where it is headed.

Why Was Cult of Happy Started?

Hi there! Scott Buehler here to tell you a little about myself and the reason this site was created.

I’m a serial entrepreneur who has had multiple successes online beginning when I was 16 years old selling information courses on eBay. I’ve since been able to support myself and family via affiliate websites, eCommerce stores and helping other businesses through consulting. Unfortunately, through the many years of working for myself, I’ve found myself needing a major change to move forward through the second half of my life.

As I pass 40 years old in 2018, I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection and finally able to identify myself as a sufferer of moderate depression with social anxiety. The start of my condition was due to working alone for all of these years, however, the increase in intensity over the last 5 years is deeply rooted in my constant smart phone use in social media. I was constantly bombarding myself with negativity. All I saw, day in and day out, was conservatives fighting liberals, liberals fighting conservatives, negative news reporting on wars, famine, torture and even people killing each other.

Around September, 2017, I began pulling back. I started unfollowing people, deleting bookmarks to negative websites and put down my smartphone way more often. I even became a cord-cutter to avoid negative commercials, negative news and the view-baiting by main stream media. By November, I realized how much better I felt. I started going outside more, began to actually smile and started feeling good about myself. By the end of the month, I decided to completely wipe my social media history by starting a new Twitter account (deleted the old), wiped all of my Facebook and Google+ history, unfollowed almost all subreddits on and unsubscribed from YouTube channels that promote negativity through click-bait tactics.

To take it one step further, I began removing myself from negative Facebook groups, Google+ communities (even deleting some of my own) and started following uplifting, positive and motivational pages, groups and subreddits.

It was a lot of work but I quickly discovered how much better I felt by surrounding myself with the positive.

The Happy Squad Movement

It is my goal to have a large group of people that I refer to as the Happy Squad who will contribute to the growth of CultofHappy. These members will help us find amazing stories to report on and help us find amazing people in the world. The ultimate goal of CultofHappy is to change the lives of many through our happy, positive, uplifting and inspirational articles. Our Happy Squad will be an important part of our strategy to grow and prosper as a company.

Learn more about the Happy Squad here.

So it Begins

Yesterday I built out the foundation of Cult of Happy including all of the social media pages and a couple communities where our members can discuss topics and get to know each other. Today, I’ve begun writing (including this post) and started working on the internal stuff that will make this site successful.

Here’s to the success and prosperity of a site that refuses to “click-bait,” refuses to get traffic through negativity and a site that will generally do the opposite of main stream media. Onwards…