Dillon's Best Friend Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer - Their Amazing Story
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One List One Life Video Series

Dillon’s Best Friend Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer – Their Amazing Story


Our first inspirational story comes from Dillon Hill, aged 19 and Chris Betancourt, aged 20.

Chris BetancourtOn Memorial Day, 2009, Chris was diagnosed with Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia which he battled with the help of Kaiser Roseville hospital to remission. Chris then went on to graduate high school and entered college.

Unfortunately on September 2nd, 2017, Chris heard the worst news possible. The cancer had returned, mutated and was untreatable with the experimental drugs that worked previously. Chris had about a year to live.

Dillon Hill, Best Friend, Decides to Make a Difference

Dillon HillUpon hearing the news about Chris’ first diagnosis of cancer, he immediately sprung to action to make a difference. Through Chris’ and Dillon’s passion of gaming, Dillon decided to start a non-profit called GamersGift.org run by college and high school students to bring virtual reality to children in hospitals, assisting living facilities and people living with disabilities. At the time of this writing, they have raised over $50,000.

Then the news struck this year. Chris has terminal cancer and only a year to live.

That’s when Dillon had a talk with Chris about his fears and identified a way to help. Chris had fears that he would not be able to experience life and to see out his dreams in such a short time. Dillon decided to pick up a camera and began documenting a YouTube series called One List, One Life.

Dillon and Chris would come up with a “Bucket List,” raise awareness on social media and begin an episodic documentation of checking off those items on the list.

One List, One Life – Gone Viral

Dillon posted a link to his video on Reddit a week ago and has since seen 71,400 upvotes, 3,100 comments and a ton of people and businesses jumping in to help. Here’s that video:

They have already completed bucket list #23 to Feed the Homeless!

Follow Their Journey and How to Help

Dillon is such an inspirational story of friendship going that extra mile. He is a real-life hero to Chris and the team at CultofHappy wish them the happiest, most fulfilled year of their lives.

The comment thread on the Reddit post that started it all is filled with tons of people and companies jumping in to help Chris and Dillon check off items on their list. If you are looking for true “faith in humanity, restores” be sure to check out that post and give it a read!