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Join the Happy Squad Community

Welcome to the Happy Squad community. The goal of this page is to provide information on the Happy Squad movement, information on how to join and to show you how to notify the Cult of Happy about amazing people, stories, groups, foundations, businesses and more.

In order for our Cult of Happy project to be successful, we need your help and there’s many ways you can help us!

Notify Us of Amazing Stories on Social Media

All we ask is that you keep us in the back of your mind when going about your normal day browsing social media. When you see something that is inspirational, motivational or anything that makes you smile, all you need to do is tag us in that post so we’re notified.

If you see an amazing video, image or text story you’d like to share with us, use the following to tag us and notify us about what you’ve discovered. Along with your tag, write a short sentence on why it makes you happy.

  • Facebook – In the comments of the content, use @CultofHappy and select our Cult of Happy page.
  • Instagram  – Use @CultofHappy in the comments.
  • Twitter – Reply or Retweet to the tweet and use @CultofHappy to notify us.
  • Reddit – In the comments, add /u/cultofhappy to mention and notify us.
  • Google+ – In the comments, type +Cult of Happy and select us or use +101473555503602302774 which guarantees a proper tag.

Share Personal Experiences and New Stories

If you’d like to feature a business, charity, friend or someone in your social circle that deserves attention for the happiness they bring others, we’d love to hear about it!

There’s a few ways to get in touch with us.

  1. Cult of Happy Facebook Group – Write your story and photo or video to our Facebook Group.
  2. Cult of Happy Subreddit – Submit a text link, image or write a text post. If you’d like to include an image/video and write more about your story besides just a headline, submit the image/video and headline then immediately write a comment to your submission.
  3. Write Us – If Facebook or Reddit aren’t an option, you may also submit your story to us via our contact form.

Sharing Our Content with Others

A great way to help our movement is to like, share with others and comment on our content.

  • On any post at CultofHappy, use our social media icons to share our posts on your favorite social media networks.
  • On our pages and communities, like, comment, upvote, tag others and share.
  • If you own websites, communities, pages and profiles, consider sharing content that tickles your happy bone. Words cannot explain how much we appreciate these because they help us grow faster.

Thank you. Yes, you. Thanks so much for helping us. Every time we see likes, comments and shares, it’s a virtual GREAT JOB to our team who work tirelessly to grow the CultofHappy. We absolutely love our community.

Join the Cult of Happy Team

Have a knack for finding amazing stories? This will be very apparent to us if we see a lot of tags and mentions from you on various social media platforms.

If we love your work as a Happy Squad member, we will ask you to join our Cult of Happy team of writers who publish stories. If you are able to use Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages word processor, you’d be able to use our platform without issue.