Happiness through Spicy Wings - Hot Ones Amazing Interviews
Hot Ones Hot Wings

Happiness through Spicy Wings – Hot Ones Amazing Interviews


One of my favorite things to do if I need to pass the time or get a boost in happiness is watch the YouTube Channel First We Feast.

Sean Evans is one of the best interviewers I’ve seen with well-researched, well-thought questions to celebrities, YouTube stars and personalities.

There’s a good chance they have interviewed some of your favorite celebrities and mark my words, you’ll be impressed with Sean’s questions and the answers give.

The show is very unique. They line up 10 hot wings and slowly increase the Scoville heat units. The questions get tougher as the celebrity has to concentrate harder and harder to answer questions with their mouth on fire from the spicy wings.

Frequently they let their guard down and get to the bottom of pressing issues and also to get insights from viral events.

Below, you’ll find three of my personal favorite Hot Ones interviews.

Kevin Hart Loses His Mind

This one is great. Kevin Hart over-exaggerates a lot but it still full of laughs. It’s one of my go-to videos to get me out of bad moods or generally feeling down. If you like Kevin Hart movies, you’ll love this Hot Ones episode.

Coolio Dumps a Paint Can

This episode is not that popular in viewer numbers but one of the craziest episodes Hot Ones has put out. On the last wing, Coolio basically dumps the entire bottle on his wing and proceeds to clean the wing to the bone.

He quickly realizes his mistake and word has it from later episodes, he was laid up on the Hot Ones sofa for hours afterwards.

Post Malone Gets Weird

This is one of their most popular videos! Post Malone gets crazy near the end as the hot sauce gets spicy, including doing laps around the studio, starts shouting all the while trying to pretend the wings aren’t hurting. A really great episode, especially for Post Malone fans.

Want to watch more? I highly recommend subscribing to First We Feast and browsing their Hot Ones playlists. Definitely worth your time!

Which episodes are your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know!