Non-Profit Helps the Terminally Ill with Free Portrait Sessions
Love Not Lost

Non-Profit Helps the Terminally Ill with Free Portrait Sessions

There are few things in the world that are harder to deal with than being diagnosed with a terminal illness or having a loved one diagnosed with a terminal illness. Love Not Lost, a nonprofit organization, is hoping to help those affected by terminal illnesses by offering free portrait sessions. Through these portrait sessions, Love Not Lost hopes to help the families affected celebrate life and support them through their grief.

Their Story

The Love Not Lost organization began when the founder, Ashley, was gifted two portrait session for her terminally ill daughter by a friend. Having the photo book and the memories of her young daughter, Ashley wanted to pay it forward. She began offering free portrait sessions to anyone she met with a terminal diagnosis. As she continued donating more and more, she knew that something great was taking shape.

Ashley gathered three key friends to join her on the board of directors of the non-profit. Together, they worked to get the Love Not Lost organization off the ground, so that they could help more people facing a terminal diagnosis.

Love Not Lost hopes to change the way people approach grief and suffering. Rather than shying away in fear, they hopes people will express more love than ever.

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How You Can Help

Love Not Lost is currently holding a crowdfunding campaign, called Love It Forward. They are hoping to raise money to help them partner with hospitals and hospices in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Through the campaign, you can help Love Not Lost preserve positive memories for people in grief.

They organization is also accepting donations and volunteer work. For those interested in this, information located on their website at They also have a Facebook page where you can share their posts to help spread the news of the organization.