Senior German Shepherds Finding Loving New Homes

Senior German Shepherds Finding Loving New Homes


It’s a sad reality that senior dogs seem to have the toughest time getting adopted into loving homes. Living sad and alone in a shelter is no way for such a beloved animal to spend their last years, and this amazing rescue is doing what they can to help elderly German Shepherds find loving homes.

The Story

Thulani Senior German Shepherd Rescue (TSGSR) is an organization located in California and is working to expand around the US and Canada. They began helping the most vulnerable dogs in 2009, however there first rescue wasn’t an elderly dog, it was a puppy.

The puppy, named Thulani, was only three months old when TSGSR took him in. He was badly abused, mistreated, and neglected, but he still managed to be a happy, loving, and affectionate puppy. Thulani had a level five heart murmur that would be fatal in a few short months. Nonetheless, Thulani was still given a loving home for the rest of his life.

In 2013, TSGSR was able to rescue and help 31 dogs who were sick or elderly. Each year they were able to help more and more dogs and had a tremendous amount of support from the public. They quickly were able to build relationships with veterinarians, foster homes, adopters, volunteers, donors, and other organizations.

Fast forward to 2017, TSGSR has managed to save close to 70 dogs, both seniors and terminally ill. They continue to partner with more shelters, rescues, and organizations in hopes of helping as many dogs as they can. They received their official wings this year and are continuing to grow.


Thulani Dogs travel around California for adoption events, you can view their schedule for upcoming adoption events on their website. You can also donate to TSGSR and receive a one-of-a-kind portrait in return, depending on how much you donate!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a dog, you can visit their page for all the information you could ever need. If you are interested in helping out TSGSR in other ways, they have a ‘Help Out’ page with more information.

TSGSR is make a huge difference for so many dogs in need of loving homes, and with enough help they can help even more elderly and sick dogs. You can visit their website,, or their Facebook page, Thulani Program, for more information. TSGSR is continuing to expand their nonprofit organization so they can continue to help German Shepherds in need. If you can, please consider donating or promoting this amazing cause.