Mom Discovers Soldiers Have Nothing to Open; Sends 10,000+ Packages
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Support the Troops WI - LeAnn Boudwine

Military Mom Discovers Soldiers Have Nothing to Open; Sends 10,000+ Care Packages


Troops receiving and opening care packagesMilitary mom LeAnn Boudwine got her start with care packages 11 years ago by sending them to her two sons in the military. When her sons told her that many people in the military never have anything to open, she sprung into action and enlisted the help of friends to begin sending care packages to these soldiers.

Later, she turned her efforts into an official charity, Support the Troops Wisconsin and has now achieved a major milestone by sending over 10,000 care packages to soldiers.

Congratulations to LeAnn and her charity on achieving this massive milestone!

LeAnn told U.S. News:

It started small, but the more we heard how much it meant to these heroes to know that people back home had not forgotten about them, the more it keep growing and growing. We never thought we’d still be doing it, but there are so few groups like ours that it would break our hearts to stop.

LeAnn Boudwine and her family

All packages are filled with donated nonperishable food, books, activities, clothing and everything in-between. The care packages are then assembled by local volunteers who love her charity and want to make a difference to soldiers overseas.

Care package donations

Packages are mailed throughout the year with a heavy focus on packages being sent through the holidays.

Stacks of care packages ready for shipping

When asked why she has kept up the mailing of care packages, she said “Soldiers tell us how good it makes them feel to know that we are thinking about them. I get teary just thinking about it.”

We at Cult of Happy want to say congrats to LeAnn for her continued efforts and a huge thank you for all of the tireless work she has put in to make this a huge success. Images sourced from Support the Troops WI on Facebook. Donation information and more about this charity is available at

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