Unlikely Friendships Spreading Joy on Social Media

Unlikely Friendships Spreading Joy on Social Media

Photo courtesy of UPSDogs on Instagram.

It’s common knowledge that dogs and mailmen don’t get along, but that stereotype is being broken. ‘UPS Dogs’ is a heartwarming Facebook and Instagram page that is sure to brighten your day. The social media pages contain photos of dogs (and other animals) that UPS drivers meet on their delivery routes.

Although dogs are most often posted on the UPS Dogs pages, images of cows, goats, cats, and even birds can be found too. Images can be submitted by UPS drivers or by people who have taken pictures of an UPS delivery driver and said animal.

The UPS Dogs Facebook and Instagram pages showcase hundreds of pictures of happy delivery drivers and happy dogs.

Cute Dogs and Awesome Delivery Drivers!

Many UPS drivers have built relationships with the animals they continually meet on their routes. Seeing these friendships displayed for the world to see is heartwarming.

Photos courtesy of UPS Dogs Facebook.

There are so many sweet images on the UPS Dogs social media pages to check out, we are sure you’ll enjoy every minute scrolling through their pages. It is so uplifting to see such wonderful friendships!